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natural burlap used as basket liner

jute webbing used as charming ribbon

I had so much fun packing up homemade cookies and oranges and other treats in gift baskets this Christmas.  I know I’m a little late in sharing and truth-be-told, I never did get a proper photo illustrating just how nice they looked finished so I’m afraid you’ll have to use your imagination a bit!  My sister flew in Christmas eve day to spend the holidays with me and by the time she got in, it was all we could do to get all the elements together and out for delivery.  (Thanks Sis, by the way!!)

I think it is always nice (budget permitting, of course) if the gift basket can be part of the gifta useful storage container that the recipient can use in any number of ways throughout their home.  Which brings me to my original post topic:

2012 is well under way and I don’t know if it is the start of a new year or just the after-holiday-clean-up that motivates me to purge unnecessary items and organize the house from top-to-bottom, but it seems I’m always in that frame of mind this time each year.  

Wire baskets and trays are a favorite storage solution of mine.  They are an attractive way to store all sorts of items in the kitchen and throughout your home.  

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Here are a few finds from the emporium:

I’m constantly scouting for new items to add to the emporium so be sure to check often to see my latest finds. 

in the emporium:

For a large variety of storage items (from glass canisters to wire baskets) see Pantry and Storage

Find wooden totes, wicker baskets, wire baskets and other totes used for storage or for gifting  in Gift Wrap Supplies

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