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I recently wrote a post called “Thinking Outside the Box” about beautifying and simplifying your home environment by using glass storage containers in as many areas as possible…the pantry, your laundry room, your refrigerator.  Within that post are a number of links to various places on-line with options for glass canisters, carafes and bottles, including many options from the emporium

Since writing that post, in quite a serendipitous chain of events, I ran across a source for glass milk containers that I wanted to share with you.  A wonderful blog called “Remodelista” (a great resource for all sorts of home products) just posted a source for various size milk bottles that can be used to store (and serve) everything in your refrigerator from juices to water to your milk and cream.  (And they come with resealable caps!) 

The best deals are on the multi-sized bottle “packages” that the company has put together.  As Remodelista recommended, I would find a like-minded friend to go in on a package with you or another idea would be to buy a package and give the extra bottles you can’t use as gifts.  (Either empty –or perhaps filled with a spicy holiday beverage as a hostess gift?!–or how about a holiday gift basket with milk and cookies for your friends and neighbors?!)

Remodelista does a fantastic job of finding out-of-the-way sources.  If you are interested in buying, be sure to support their efforts by linking through their website to the featured vendor. 
Happy shopping!

Remodelista – Stan’s Milk Bottles

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