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                                       rolling greens

7505 Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90036
Owner:  Greg Salmeri

all images via Rolling Greens

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  1. Hi, Aina! I agree. Nobody compares to Côté Bastide!

    Rolling Greens has always been a wonderful nursery, -they have another location in Culver City that I have been going to for years but added more home decor with the opening of the location in Hollywood.

    Someone there obviously has a great eye for artful display- very much like you! Good to see you! xo~L

  2. Hello Marsha Dear,
    Thank you for stopping by. I will be able to participate in "By Invitation Only" this time. Looking forward to it!
    As always, thank you for your sunny comments 🙂 And, by the way, thanks too for your support on l&l's new facebook page!
    A big hug from CA! ~LeAnn

  3. Hi, Tricia! Yes. I LOVE Diptyque too. Their fragrances are heavenly. Côté Bastide won me over with their packaging…always makes me happy to see it displayed in a bath. Lately, I'm getting more and more into creating my own essential oil recipes -and bottling them in the old style apothecary bottles and jars makes me love them all the more. xo~L

  4. Hi, Lori! My pleasure. If you are ever up this way, you might also want to check out their Culver City location. It is tucked up on a hill hidden from view and it's fun to drive up there and explore the different levels. Great place to get plants and containers of all kinds plus they always have beautiful and unique decorations for the holidays. Have a great weekend! ~L

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