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Hand painted, linen market bag. Perfect for all of your shopping needs. Modeled after the traditional French straw cabas. The paint gives this bag it’s mottled color and creates a semi-stiff, durable exterior. Available lined with hand dyed black linen or natural linen. Coordinating twill straps. Only one of each color left: black, white or syrah. Please email us with your color choice when ordering. 12 inches tall, 27 inches wide at the widest point. The straps are 17 inches long.

I recently met Susan of Two Maisons because she sent me a lovely email via linen & lavender.  One thing led to another and we have corresponded back and forth a few times now, sharing a bit of our life stories and common interests. 

She is fortunate to call a small village in the south of France home where she is ideally located to be doing what she loves…seeking out treasures such as those shown here.  You can read about her charming home, daily life and antiquing escapades on her blog TWO MAISONS and you can shop her on-line boutique at:  TWO MAISONS ON-LINE SHOP.

I’ve selected a few of my favorites to share with you, but be sure to visit her for many more interesting finds.  (All item descriptions and commentary are Susan’s.)
This fantastic silver plate cloche came from a chocolatier (chocolate shop).  The motif on top is a cocoa bean pod. A nice way to hide your chocolates from others…. 10″ diameter by 7″ tall.  It has a bruise but I think it makes it more charming.

This wonderful piece was a 19th century woman’s miniature coin purse. Worn tied in the middle to the waist of a beautiful dress. The crocheted tube is closed at the ends, with a slit in the middle. The gold coins of the day were called Louis (after the king). One would slip a gold coin into the slit and it would settle on either side. The gold rings drifted down to keep the coins in place. These are very difficult to find and I have 3 stunning examples. Look for the others in the shop. 6.75″ end to end. 

I love the soft yellow color of pottery of the 19th century. This one’s very special because of it’s small size and it’s lid.  I keep a similar one on my table with large chunks of Jerusalem salt and a grater for last minute seasoning. In excellent condition and marked Badonviller on the bottom. 7.5″ long and a little over 4″ tall.

The real deal, silver not plate. Early 19th century French elegance. I have re-purposed bottles of interesting shapes filled with oils and vinegar on my counter and each wears a unique necklace – a charming silver napkin ring!  1.75″ high. Very small split on the backside of the rim which only adds to it’s charm.
. . . . .

My first purchase would probably be the cloche au chocolat.  Of course, that wouldn’t surprise anybody who knows me.  I love beautiful things that are also practical.  Not to mention, anything chocolate.

All you have to do is put chocolate in the description of something and I’m there with bells on.  If I’m uncertain about a wine and I turn it over and find “chocolate” in the taste references  Sold!   What’s the title of my favorite movie?…You guessed it.  Though my love of chocolate had little to do with my love for that movie Johnny Depp.  (I will admit, however, that when returning for my second viewing I did smuggle in my favorite dark truffles.  No one should have to sit through that without a little chocolate of their own to nibble on.  It borders on inhumane. —N’est-ce pas? )

Chocolate aside, I also think the napkin ring is beautiful and I especially love her idea of putting one on the neck of oil and vinegar bottles.  I have a couple of rings with velvet padding for use on wine bottles.  I’m wondering why I never thought to take that a step further?  Seems a great way to add charm and interest to most any bottle.   —Clever, lady! 

Once again I feel so fortunate to live in this day and age with the opportunities we have….Meeting this lovely person living in the south of France while I am home here –several thousand miles away– in Southern California.
Isn’t our world amazing?! 

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  1. love your blog LeAnn, it's one of the best out there, i have been adding a few posts to my stumbleupon blog and my eclectic home blog, i will be sure to stop by two maisons and check out all the lovely things she has available….thanks for sharing, maureenlynne

  2. Hi LeAnn,
    I'm so honored by your post! Thank you! This crazy internet space brings people together in the best possible way. I'm lucky I stumbled on your home here and that you've so graciously introduced mine. And it's only just begun. Your posts and the ideas and photos you share are food for this design obsessed soul.
    Wishing you all things beautiful and Italian…

  3. maureenlynne: Such generous praise! -Thank you! It makes me very happy to hear you are enjoying l & l and thanks so much for passing it along to others. All my best~LeAnn

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