The 100 Best Kitchens and Dining Rooms. . .

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I am a long-time fan of Wim Pauwels and Beta-Plus Publishing.  So many beautiful design elements in every photo.   The above images are from one of 12 new books by Pauwels due out here in April.  So much to love.   
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                  The 100 Best Kitchens and Dining Rooms  

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New Releases from Wim Pauwels/Beta Plus Publishing (April 16, 2012):
See Page 26 of the Home and Garden Books category in the emporium for even more soon-to-be-released titles by Wim Pauwels including “Outdoor Living” and “Castles in Europe.”
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100 Best Kitchens and Dining Rooms

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  1. Betsy, you are a dear lady!

    Thank you so much for letting me know and for including a link directly back to the post. I really appreciate you!!

    I love Pinterest, but I started noticing lately that the source link is lost many times. Images go into Pinterest and then are shared again and again without mention of the original magazine, book, website…whatever the case may be.

    It caught my attention because a number of bloggers are now listing Pinterest as the source, but of course, they might as well put "universe" as that narrows it down about as much(!)

    In this case, I want to make sure that Beta-Plus Publishing gets credit and subsequent book sales for their wonderful work and I so appreciate you taking a little extra time to help me with that!

    All my best to you ~LeAnn

  2. That's hilarious! Now I'm imagining the guests lined up on the bench -at a lower level than everyone else at the table. I guess you'd know how you rate with your hostess based on your seat at the dinner party,

    Actually, maybe you're only meant to sit on the upholstered chairs and then relax with your feet up on the bench after a big meal?(!) That sounds like good planning to me.

    Well, thanks for the laugh. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend ~L

    P.S. Lest all the joking around seem to the contrary, please let me state for the record that I do love the design. 🙂

  3. LeAnn thank you for your beautiful comment and I’m glad I could bring back some happy thoughts for you. Dylan dog looked a bit big in the picture but he was covered in snow, it stuck to his hair like crazy the other day and didn’t come off until he thawed in the kitchen. He gets furmenated this week, a brush that takes out his under coat, and will look silky and sleek afterwards. He’s outside lying on a snow bank now starring at the turkeys in his yard…ahh, the life of a country dog!

    Enjoy your Sunday!

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