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Last month we met Tiffany, the first winner of our anniversary celebration give-away.  This month, we meet Kristi Delfino,  winner of “The Home Within Us” by Bobby McAlpine. 

lb:  Tell us a little about yourself.  Where do you live?

I live in San Jose, California with my boyfriend (a.k.a. “Mr. Big” -he is 6’9″) and his two kids and two cats.
I was in software sales for over 7 years, but I was gone all the time.  I wanted to slow things down and enjoy my life more, hence the change to where I am now.  Currently, I am working part-time as an independent contractor running a law firm for a friend.  This allows me time to pursue my interests in weddings and decorating.  Plus, my father is an attorney and I worked in his law firm growing up…so I guess it’s in my blood.
My hobbies are uncovering vintage finds in antique stores; playing bocce ball with my family; yoga (which I so need to do);  playing in our poker group’s monthly game; cards with my Great Aunt (who’s 86) every Wednesday night;  planning parties;  dancing; and hanging out with friends and family.
My interests…weddings, decorating, gardening, cooking, shopping, creating and exploring new places.

lb:  Do you have a favorite travel destination?

I haven’t done too much traveling lately…except to Florida in April when my nephew was born. In the last five years though I have been to Mexico, Italy, Croatia, France and Spain.  I think my favorite destination is Italy.  I fell in love with the Amalfi Coast, and the history and architecture in Rome is mind-blowing!

lb:  Favorite shows, books, movies?

I look at every glossy I can get my hands on!

I loved SATC (Sex and the City) when it was on TV (even though I rarely watch TV).

When it comes to books I used to be an avid reader, but lately I can’t find the time. Some of my favs are the Diana Gabaldon’s series…the first book is Outlander, and Philippa Gregory’s The Other Boleyn Girl and The Queen’s Fool.
When it comes to movies I am all over the board – everything from The Blind Side, Slumdog Millionaire and Crash to Sex and the City, A Good Year (love the location), The Young Victoria (the costumes are amazing) and Twilight.

lb:  Do you have a favorite designer?

When it comes to designers I don’t think I have a favorite. I know what I like and don’t like…but I can almost always appreciate some aspect of any design.  However, I am a details kind-of-girl so I think I look at details more than the overall whole sometimes.  After all it is the details that make a room or an outfit.
My taste tends to run on the classic side with a touch of vintage, a little flirty and of course –bling!  And I believe that there always needs to be an element of surprise…like a vintage silver wine bucket as a trash can in the bathroom!

lb:  What’s your favorite room or space in your home?

Currently my favorite room in the house is the bedroom…but that might change once the living room is redecorated. The bedroom is the first room Mr. Big and I redecorated…it is our space…the one we created together..and is the first spot that I wrote I love XXXX on the wall in paint!

. . . . .

 You can find Kristi at Luna and Chloe and Luna and Chloe Weddings.

I really enjoyed getting to know Kristi and am so grateful she allowed us a peek into her world.  Thanks so much, Kristi!  I wish you all the best! ~LeAnn

The Home Within Us: Romantic Houses, Evocative Rooms

As with last month, I wanted to share the winning moment with all of you.  Here’s the email Kristi sent me when she learned she had won the book, “The Home Within Us” by Bobby McAlpine:

LeAnn –Oh I am so very excited!!! I just adore linen and lavender and can’t believe I won!  Thank you for drawing my name and giving away such a great gift. I can’t wait to receive it!!!
Thanks again!!!

. . . . .

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image via Cote Sud Aout-Sept 2007

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  1. It was my pleasure! Thank you for following l & l. It is fun knowing who you are now…just a few hundred miles away from me…not too far in the scheme of things, but we probably wouldn't have met were it not for this. -Love that about blogging!
    –All the best to you and yours! ~lb

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