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Laburnum walk in May at Barnsley House, Cotswolds, via their facebook page, as seen on
Inspiration from Barnsley House, a luxury retreat hotel  in the Cotswold countryside.  
Barnsley House & Gardens via Facebook page as seen on,

“Above our garden door, you’ll find ‘1697’ and ‘BB’ carved into the Cotswold stone.  The carvings mark the date Brereton Bouchier, Barnsley Village’s squire, built the property…” -excerpt from Barnsley House HERITAGE

Barnsley House Potager Garden via Facebook page, as seen on,
“…Centuries later in 1952, architectural historian David Verey and his wife Rosemary Verey, fell in love with the house and moved in.  As keen gardeners, both spent many hours transforming the grounds into a place that enjoys international acclaim for its beauty.” -excerpt, Barnsley House HERITAGE

Barnsley House, Pavilion and pond, as seen on,

Crab Apples, Barnsley House, via Facebook page, as seen on,
Garden Scarecrow, Barnsley House, as seen on,

Looking through the open door from the Morning Room to the garden via Barnsley House Facebook page as seen on,

Chapel,Barnsley House Grounds, as seen on,

Laburnum Walk, Barnsley House, from the website, as seen on,

Rosemary Verey, The Life & Lessons of a Legendary Gardener, by Barbara Paul Robinson, in the emporium by,
Rosemary Verey
The Life and Lessons of a Legendary Gardener
by Barbara Paul Robinson
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BOOK REVIEW by Dan McCarthy – Garden Designer to Prince Charles, Elton John, billionaires and everyman. – Rosemary Verey, in her forties; with no training in gardening; with only four acres in Cotswold; with scant financial support, metamorphosed into the undisputed Queen of traditional English Gardening.  She authored 18 best-selling books; advised fashion luminary Oscar de la Renta; was the ‘must have’ garden designer to HRH Prince Charles, Sir Elton John, King Hussein, American millionaires, billionaires and the New York Botanical Garden.  Verey transformed a small grass plot into arguably the most photographed garden ever; attracting 30,000 visitors annually…[Robinson] illuminates the personal characteristics that catapulted Verey from a supportive, compliant, impecunious housewife and mother of four, into the acclaimed authority on traditional garden design, recipient of the Order of the British Empire.  The author explains the appeal of Verey’s self-effacing, empowering mantra; “If I can do it, so can you.  Just get on with it!”  {cont}

Barnsley House Gardens, image via their facebook page, as seen on,


lunch and afternoon tea on the terrace at Barnsley House, via the facebook page, as seen on,
The Potager - a Garden and a Restaurant. Barnsley House, via their facebook page, as seen on,

Looking through the open door from the Morning Room to the garden via Barnsley House Facebook page as seen on,


Blossoms, Barnsley House, image via the facebook page, as seen on,

“And Spring arose on the garden fair,
Like the Spirit of Love felt everywhere;
And each flower and herb on Earth’s dark breast
rose from the dreams of its wintry rest.”
~Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1820 The Sensitive Plant 
images via the Barnsley House website

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Afternoon Tea on the Terrace, Barnsley House facebook page as seen on linenandlavender,

Barnsley House Potager Garden Harvest, via the website, as seen on linenandlavender,
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