The wine table hunt…

Wine Decanter by artist Patrik Illo for Napa Style (owned by Chef Michael Chiarello) edited by lb for -

I’m in the market for a wine table and in my internet travels, got sidetracked by this novel wine decanter (hand-blown crystal) Chef Michael Chiarello commissioned artist Patrik Illo to design for him. 

Once that was safely filed in my “wish list” folder, I continued my table search…

. . . . .

This is one of my favorite options found at Relics Architectural Home and Garden.  It’s an authentic wine table with the traditional tilt top. 
Antique Wine Table via Relics Architectural Antiques as seen on -
FYI: Relics is owned by Todd and Tim -two of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Look for their ads in Veranda or keep up with their antiquing jaunts via their Facebook page and Twitter. Their current trip takes them to Holland, Belgium and France.
Tilt-top view of antique wine table via Relics Architectural Antiques as seen on -
. . . . .

Though obviously worlds apart from option one, I could see this petite metal table successfully integrated somewhere in the scheme of things. -
. . . . .

This next table is a reproduction made of reclaimed antique elm offered by Jayson Home and Garden. Not only do I really like the look of it, the price may be hard to beat. -
. . . . .

I thought there was a good chance Restoration Hardware had included a wine table in one of their new vintage or industrial-inspired collections.  The only thing close was the following (listed as a foyer table) -but at only 36″ diameter, it just might be worth considering too. -

Pedestal Table

Of course, once at Restoration I couldn’t help but become distracted again.  The keyword “wine” brought up their new line of chandeliers made from reclaimed French oak wine barrel staves and hoops.

handcrafted in Poland from French oak wine barrels, outdoor chandelier by Restoration Hardware as seen on -
(They also offer electrified versions for indoor use.)
And then, one thing led to another and before I knew it I was comparing barstools. 

Here are a couple of my favorites thus far (both by Restoration.)

So, I haven’t made up my mind about the wine table yet.  I think I’ll take some time to mull it over…(a mulled wine table?! —Sorry. I couldn’t resist.)  Maybe even wait until my next trip to Tuscany.

Of course the hunt will most likely take me to the back roads of wine country.  I can just see it now.  I’ll be traveling through the Tuscan countryside, going from one village to the next and one antique shop after another following this lead and then that one. 

There will be the added expense of those (2 hour) lunches while I’m out and about and most likely I’ll discover a few items along the way that I didn’t plan to purchase but won’t be able to pass up.  (Yes.  I do already own 15 pitchers, but this one is pewter and it was hand-made by Italian artisans!…)   

It will make sense to stop at some winery estates.  What a better place to find an old wine table?  –And just to be polite, wine tastings…

Goodness!  It could easily take days to find the perfect one!  —All that for a little table?   
Oh, well.  Se devo, devo! ( If I must, I must!)   

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Exotic Four-Poster Bed, image via And So To Bed, edited by lb for -

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  1. Darling you always post the best things.. I am literally drooling over the tables and other treats you brought to my screen.. !

    How to choose? They are all fantastic!
    I do love the first one – the one from Todd and Tim's shop. Authenticity always wins somehow.

    Good luck with your hunt and don't forget to show us where you intend to put it. I'd love to see your home.


    P.s. Glad you accepted the award, and that you got nominations from other places too. Your blog is lovely and I look forward to seeing it grow. xx

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