There is nothing so lovely…

l&l at home - laundry in our garden - image by lb for -

. . . as slipping into sheets fresh from the line. 

They remind me of sleepovers at my Grandma’s house. Her sheets and towels always had that clean fragrance of sunshine and fresh cut grass, christened with dew.

White on White by Stephanie Hoppens -

I love seeing pure white bed linens, blowing in the breeze. There is something so soothing and ethereal about it.  It evokes thoughts of summer days at the beach and everything clean and fresh and right with the world. 

Sun bleached towels result in just the right texturea bit crisp, yet still soft and absorbentlike the perfect spa towel.

I think we lost our way a bit with the advent of the clothes dryer.  Don’t get me wrong. I love the convenience, too!  However, it seems in our haste to move to the ultimate in convenience we didn’t factor in what we were losing.  We forgot the therapeutic value this simple activity holds for us.

Making the Most of Bedrooms, Karen Howes -
I know those sound like strong words for what may seem like no more than an additional chore to add to your already long “To Do” list. And I hear you on that!  But trust me, trying it once is all it will take to change your mind.

Linens and Lace, Tricia Foley -

Making the Most of Bedrooms, Karen Howes -

A communion with nature occurs when hanging out laundry—there is a real meditative aspect to the processdifficult to capture in words,  yet easily grasped upon experiencing.

Casa Antica,Luglio-Agosto-06 -

If you are fortunate enough to have space to hang all your bedding and towels, I highly recommend you make the effort to do so.   You’ll be so glad you did.

If you live in the city or have limited space, I suggest you find somewhere, some little space to at least hang out your pillowcases one sunny summer day. 

The Peaceful Home, Country Living -

Truly. . .
Every human being
deserves the experience
of nodding off to sleep
nestled in the sublime, 
sun-laden goodness of
nature that can only be
captured this way.

Sweet Dreams!

Photo credits in order of appearance: 1-l&l at home; 2-White on White, Stephanie Hoppen; 3-Making the Most of Bedrooms, Karen Howes;  4-Linens and Lace, Tricia Foley; 5-Making the Most of Bedrooms, Karen Howes; 6-Casa Antica,Luglio-Agosto-06; 7-The Peaceful Home, Country Living.

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