Today, try shifting your perspective to shift your perspective…

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Today, try this exercise:  TRY SHIFTING YOUR PERSPECTIVE IN ORDER TO SHIFT YOUR PERSPECTIVE. – By this, I mean physically change your “normal” viewing position and see what you discover.  Find something in nature if you can –a flower, a tree, a blade of grass– and focus on it from this new viewing position. Take a few quiet moments and let flow whatever memories or associations come up…don’t edit, just let them flow and observe.

Often, not only will this practice shift the way you perceive that particular object, you will notice it extending to other areas of your life, as well.

I took a few moments to lie down on the stone path in my garden – (Yes…actually flat on my stomach.) and was delighted to discover a whole other world there —a world I did not know existed, right there at my feet. 
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Each of these intricate little beauties measures just 1″ across and some even less.

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To think — I had passed by them hundreds of times before without seeing all they had to offer!

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