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Château de Ker Nelly, built in 1895 as a private vacation villa and soon after expanded into the Neo-Gothic style we see today, is situated on the Côté de Granit Rose (Rose Granite Coast) of France in Trébeurden, Bretagne (Brittany) just a stone’s throw from the sea and situated south-west with fabulous panoramic views.
Streamlined furnishings, linens and tableware allow the detailed architectural elements to shine..
Old meets new.  All the modern conveniences, beautifully integrated.
Weekly, nightly and weekend rates
The château accommodates up to 20 if you would like to rent the entire property for the week.
Otherwise, a room for two can be had for just 100-130 euro per night during the low/mid-season.

Trébeurden, Bretagne (Brittany, FR)
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A 1922 postcard showing Ker Nelly in the background.

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  1. Hello Mariette and Karena,
    Yes. A very dreamy, beautiful place. I had fun researching for this post. Many enchanting and mystical places to explore -with a Celtic ballad to send me on my way. Speaking of…be sure to click on the video link if you haven't already! ~LeAnn

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