What date is it?

Iron and glass doors, view to patio garden via Côte Maison Francaise, edited by lb for linen & lavender
I’ve been so busy renovating our house and designing for friends, I’ve lost track of the days.  Where did September go?  It doesn’t help that California is having a record heat wave.  In some places as high as 113 degrees –(that’s 45 degrees celsius to many of you.)  Here near the beach it feels much more like a temperate summer day…beautiful clear blue skies and a little breeze swaying the olive tree outside my window. 
This can’t last forever, though.  I’m sure the winter rains will find their way to us soon enough.  In the meantime, I’m headed out to make the most of this amazing summer autumn day while I can. 
—Carpe diem!
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  1. Welcome, Carla! And thank you for your comments. So kind of you. I love Santa Barbara! My daughter and I were just talking about driving up for the day. We haven't been for awhile, but it is one of our favorite get-aways…we shop along State Street and enjoy a nice meal before making the drive home. Once-in-awhile we will spend the night, but most often we pick a beautiful day and enjoy the coastline drive up and back. Lucky you to get to sell real estate there. Lots of beautiful architecture. ~LeAnn

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