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Still shot from the official music video to Biagio Antonacci's Non Vivo Più Senza Te, filmed at the Torre di Lido Pizzo.
Still shot from the official music video to Biagio Antonacci’s Non Vivo Più Senza Te, filmed at the Torre di Lido Pizzo.

Hello all!  This is Alex, LeAnn’s daughter.  She has mentioned me in her About me section and also wrote about how I met my love in a post for Valentine’s Day 2011 called Serendipity España Style.  I’ve been behind the scenes at linen & lavender for awhile now and share many of my mom’s interests: we both love to travel, and both have a special place in our hearts for Italy in particular.  Moving forward, I’ll be jumping in and posting more myself directly and right now, we’re working on some travel features of the special places we’ve found that really embody our “Spirit of place” philosophy.  To that extent, we’re looking through our trip archives (ah! the memories) and also researching places for our new adventures. 

Instead of whistling while we work (I couldn’t even if I wanted to) we’re turning to music for inspiration.  We found it in Biagio Antonacci’s Non vivo più senza te (listen in The Playlist below) from his new album Sapessi dire no.  In it, he talks about missing his past love and taking a trip to Salento, Italy to be a bit by himself and reflect.  Instead, he has a little fling, but assures us, it was just a moment of weakness and he still really can’t live without his former love.  (Mm hm, sure, Biagio.)

Non Vivo Piu’ Senza Te by Biagio Antonacci on Grooveshark

Whether or not you like the story, the music itself is enough to get you up and dancing. If you’re really inspired, you might even break into the traditional Pizzica dance mentioned in the song (that you didn’t even know you knew.)



A little bit about the Salento region of Italy and its famous “pizzica” dance: 
Why Italians love Salento by Sue Clayton for The Guardian, Friday 20 August 2004

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