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We have made it our mission to notice the beauty found in every day, to see the abundance available in every moment and to embrace the bliss in living a balanced life. As seekers in our own lives, we discovered it brings us great joy to pass along our findings to others—inspiring ideas, philosophies, and creativity in all its many glorious forms around the globe. We seek to bring meditation and connection to Source to the mainstream—helping create homes and a connection to nature that are the foundation for living these tenets. We seek to create a society whose children are raised with the concepts of turning in for guidance and connection to others—first and foremost to anything else they are taught. We celebrate unity and individuality vs. competition and conformity. A spiritual outlook that is inclusive not exclusive. It is our great desire that all human beings realize their connection to Source and Oneness with All.

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L e A n n

I have always had a penchant for design but I am most intrigued by the way a space feels or the energetic quality within a space. This intuitive-sensing approach goes hand-in-hand with my belief that a home is much more than a shelter…it is our foundation for well-being and a springboard for our creative expression in the world. My passion is creating spaces with these energetic qualities—specific alchemic elements working together harmoniously and synergistically to create an uplifting, nurturing environment for all who dwell or enter there. —LeAnn, l&l

"The title linen & lavender represents those special places and spaces that are far more than the sum of their parts. It is the linen and it is the lavender, but more so, it's the magical space between I'm talking about."

p r a i s e 

 "LeAnn has an incredible ability to create spaces that feel deeply inspired, warm and connected to your higher sense of purpose. Her designs and environments evoke a sense of inner peace and aliveness, while igniting your creative spirit and delighting your senses. No detail is left behind. LeAnn is a rare talent, gifted at designing rich and unique surroundings that nurture your soul."
—Marie Forleo,
Bestselling Author & Founder of MarieTV

"LeAnn's loving support and impeccable taste made the retreats an unforgettable experience. Her tasteful touch brought beauty to every corner of the retreat property. Her loving attitude created an atmosphere of unconditional safety making it easy for retreatants to open fully to the experience of spiritual awakening."
—Brahmananda David Nowe
, Retreat Director
—Simple Peace Retreats, Assisi Italy

" I hired LeAnn to help organize and co-host a women's circle in celebration of International Women's Day at her charming 1920's beach cottage in Venice, California.  My guests and I were so impressed with the exceptional interior design and artful furnishings, the elegantly laid out buffet of delicious refreshments, and the lovely patio and garden, complete with outdoor fireplace, koi pond and a cozy lounge area.  The peaceful and meditative space LeAnn created - with tranquil music, lit candles, and bowls of floating flowers - significantly contributed to the specialness of our gathering, making for a wonderful afternoon we will long remember with gratitude."

—Regan Kibee, Marketing, Public Relations & Event Production Consultant