Energy Healing Sessions

When I am in the area, I offer in-person sessions at Harkness Hotel & Spa.  Please contact me directly (via form below) for questions or to book.

Virtual sessions are always available if you are unable to make it to the spa or should you prefer to relax in the comfort of your own home.

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    What is energy healing? What do we mean when we use the word “heal” and can I have an energy healing session when physically I feel just fine? If so, what is the purpose?

    AN Introduction to Energy Healing

    1 of 4 . Preparing for a session—in-person vs. long-distance :

    1a . An often-asked question re: the long-distance session :

    2 of 4 . At the quantum level—energy healing at a distance :

    3 of 4 Addressing the whole being—healing on all levels :

    4 of 4 . Expectations—honoring the individual’s journey :

    “Through the experience, you will find the truth of it for yourself.”
    IN  l i g h t  &  l o v e 
    LeAnn Brown, founder of l&l life and Reiki Master Healer

    A transcript of the above audio recording is available here: [transcript