Artist Feature: Léon Bonvin b.1834 Paris, d.1866 Meudon, France

 Still Life with Wine, Water, Fruit and Nuts Léon Bonvin  French, 1864  Bare Tree and a Plowman Léon Bonvin  French,  1864      Léon Bonvin, Farm Building c.1864 Léon Bonvin  French, 1865,  Still Life on Kitchen Table with Celery, Parsley, Bowl and Cruets  As you know if you’ve been following l&l for awhile, I have a […]

Wade Hoefer

“Forest” Wader Hoefer This piece available via: Elins Eagles-Smith Gallery linen & lavender see our new site:

Art Feature – Wade Hoefer

Alturus “For Hoefer each work is a mandala, a meditative device that allows the viewer to enter, through the work, into a deeper world. His choice of subject matter stems from our common understanding of the landscape: it becomes a visual vocabulary, a lexicon that can be endlessly repeated. For like the Sung painters of […]

Luis Meléndez

Luis Meléndez Short biography of Meléndez: Luis Meléndez was born in Naples, Italy. His family moved to Madrid, Spain immediately after his birth. When he grew up, he would work mostly close by, in the town of Aranjuez. His influences were Velazquez, mixed with Flemish, inspired by models of the XVII century.  His works at […]