I Dolci

Fichi Canditi (Candied Figs) an ancient recipe, Grosseto Caffé in Forchetta (Coffee on a Fork) Lucca Cookbooks by Lorenza de’Medici: TUSCANY The Beautiful Cookbook (image 1 and 2, photographer Peter Johnson) ITALY The Beautiful Cookbook (image 3, photographer Mike Hallson) ALSO BY Lorenza de’Medici: MEDITERRANEAN The Beautiful Cookbook ITALY TODAY The Beautiful Cookbook The Heritage of […]

coffee break

For everybody who is on the edge of their seat waiting for the announcement…I’m working on it!  Lots of entries to sort and I’m doing it the old-fashioned way…hat at the ready.  (Well, actually, I’m on my second latte–for extra fortification–then back at it.)  I’ll definitely announce the winners today though, so stay tuned. Thank […]