Sting & Trudie: Healthy living at their Tuscan estate “Il Palagio”

Il Palagio In the program series the couple created with Gaiam, Trudie and Sting  share  an  intimate  look  at  how and why fitness, healthy  eating,  eco-conscious choices and social action are essential parts of how they live their lives. The workouts are guided by Styler and celebrity trainer James D’Silva, and the DVDs feature music from […]

The wine table hunt…

NapaStyle Wine Decanter I’m in the market for a wine table and in my internet travels, got sidetracked by this novel wine decanter (hand-blown crystal) Chef Michael Chiarello commissioned artist Patrik Illo to design for him.  Once that was safely filed in my “wish list” folder, I continued my table search… . . . . . This […]

Design Daily – Italian Style

Italian Style linen & lavender More Italian style in  the emporium…. Italian Country Living  .. (us) ~ (uk) ~ (ca) ~ (fr) ~ (de) ~ (it) ~ (es) Italian Rustic  (us) ~ (uk) ~ (ca) ~ (fr) ~ (de) ~ (it) ~ (es) Restoring a Home in Italy  (us) ~ (uk) ~ (ca) ~ (fr) ~ (de) ~ (it) ~ (es) see our new site:

Design Daily – mantelpiece art

Nature’s art.  Always in style.   image via: Country Houses of Tuscany linen & lavender see our new site: .. by Barbara and René Stoeltie