La Maison Du Bonheur as seen in Maisons Côté Sud (fr)

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Simply Divine

Clean, uncluttered design. peaceful. inspiring.  uplifting.   S p a c e  for                 dreaming~ all images via Côté Maison linen & lavender SUBSCRIPTIONS Côté Sud (fr) ~ (de) Côté Ouest (us) ~ (fr) ~ (de) Côté Est (us)  ~ (fr) ~ (de) You might also enjoy these previous posts: breathing room Negative space. . . Less Stuff, […]

Give-Away extended to June 22!

{This giveaway is now over.   Go here for the latest GIVEAWAY NEWS} Dear Readers, I promised a giveaway and then I had the chance to get-away for a little vacation and I jumped at the opportunity.  For those of you left hanging on the edge of your seats, I’m so sorry for the delay!  The good […]

dinner for two

Though we don’t get to spend Thanksgiving with our family this year, I want them to know they are in our hearts with us today and always.  We feel blessed and grateful and send a big hug to each and every one of you! So here’s a toast to my family and to all my readers out there:      Wishing you peace […]

Cottage Charm

images:  Maisons Côté Ouest Octobre-Novembre 2005 linen & lavender SUBSCRIPTION Côté Ouest (us) ~ (fr) ~ (de) see our new site:

Design Daily – beach living

Côté Ouest Magazine linen & lavender Building with Reclaimed Material (us) .. (uk) ~ (de) ~ (fr) ~ (ca)  Building with Reclaimed Materials (it) Building with Reclaimed Materials (es) see our new site:

Design Daily – ancient symbols

image via Maisons Côté Ouest “As above, so below.”  always comes to mind when I see a cross.   Joseph Campbell, a favorite philosopher of mine expounds on this ancient dictum a number of times in his writings and lectures.    If you aren’t familiar with his work,  “The Celebration of Life” is a good place to start.    Enjoy! […]

Design Daily – clean design, bedroom

Maisons Côté Ouest the emporium  —some of my favorite things…from books to tableware!  linen & lavender see our new site: 

Design Daily – entry bench, fishing gear

Maisons Côté Ouest, Dec 05-Jan 06 You might also like:   …and the livin’ is easy.     and  There is nothing so lovely… A Well-Kept Home Household Traditions  and  Simple Secrets  from a French Grandmother linen & lavender see our new site:

Design Daily – Doors

Design Inspiration – Closet doors, my daughter’s bedroom.                                Image via Maisons Côté Magazines linen & lavender You might also like:  The Heart of the Home .. see our new site:

The dining room is her favorite…

I thought it would be great to meet some of the people who follow linen & lavender so I asked Tiffany (the recent winner of our first anniversary give-away), if she would mind sharing a few things about herself.  She very graciously accepted.  Read on for a peek into this lovely lady’s life…  lb:  Tell us […]

Design Daily – still life drama

Image via Maisons Côté Ouest Oct-Nov 2001 linen & lavender .. Côté Ouest subscription in the emporium (us) ~ (de) see our new site:

And the first winner is…

Riviera Maison living room as featured in Maisons Côté Ouest THE  Maisons Côté Ouest 1 YEAR MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION goes to Tiffany of Ladera Ranch, California “CONGRATULATIONS TIFFANY!” More give-aways coming up!  Join linen & lavender’s GLOBAL COMMUNITY to be eligible! My thanks to all of you for the emails and comments telling me how much you […]

linen and lavender’s anniversary today – 1 hour to give-away!

Flamant interior as seen in Maisons Côté Ouest, Oct-Nov 2009 JUST ONE HOUR TO GIVEAWAY TIME! Deadline is 12 noon PST Winner of the ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to Maisons Côté Ouest will be announced tomorrow, June 9th. To be eligible, become a Follower and/or Email Subscriber  (both for two chances to win!)  before the cut-off […]

1 Day to Give-Away!

Image from Maisons Côté Ouest Oct-Nov 2001 Become a Follower and/or Email Subscriber before noon tomorrow (PST) and you will be eligible to win a ONE YEAR SUBSCRIPTION to Maisons Côté Ouest!  Easy, breezy! —And that’s not the half of it.  More giveaways coming up in July and August!  Maisons Côté  Ouest I look forward to welcoming […]