Mansi Merino Shawl & Scarf Price:  $52.00 (as of 05/03/2017 09:41 PST- Details)

100% merino wool and fairtrade, from likemary, London UK. Handwoven with hand-knotted fringing. Wear as a shawl, scarf, wrap and blanket. 

Perfect as a travel wrap or scarf and I also use as a meditation shawl.~L


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“Mansi” has a subtle woven border patter. Handwoven with hand-knotted fringing, light and warm. 

Only 300 grams so easy to carry and and take away with you on your travels. Measures approx 39″ x 79″. 100% merino wool and fairtrade. Handwoven with handknotted fringing. Wear as a shawl, scarf, wrap and blanket. Merino wool is super warm but also super light and very durable. Perfect to take with you on your travels to keep you cozy on the plane.


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