What is energy healing?

So what are we talking about when we use the word heal? Can you have an energy healing session when physically you feel just fine? If so, what is the purpose?

“Healing” may evoke images of being sick or injured, however, many use Reiki or other energy healing practices for the deep relaxation achieved.

In this way, energy healing can be a pre-emptive method, a practice of self-care for optimal health, bringing the body to balance on subtle levels as opposed to waiting for physical symptoms to appear—such as pain or anxiety—to loudly indicate something is off-balance. 

The stress factor:

So we’ve finally realized—modern medicine now knows—that 90% of disease, the ultimate cause of dis-ease, is stress.  

Within this fast-paced world we have co-created here on this planet: the culture we are in, the way society has perpetuated various belief systems and set up modes of living—much of the population is immersed in an energy field of stress on a daily basis.

In response to this daily bombardment, our personal energy that would be restoring and maintaining a healthy system is instead expended in “fight or flight” mode. Residing in this emergency mode for extended periods of time, as so many modern humans do, limits or completely depletes the resources our body needs to restore and maintain health.

Everything is energy.

Quantum physics is making this truth available to the mainstream now: We are energy. Everything is energy—all things are energy vibrating at a specific frequency. As we begin to understand the world through this lens, we become aware of our own power to heal on all levels of our being. We become aware of our inner guidance system, leading us to make choices that support and nurture us.

This often manifests as a new awareness in some of the most basic aspects of our life:

We may suddenly crave light-filled, high-vibrational fuel, realizing that wholesome foods and the purity of our water are vital to the high-vibrational frequencies of health and happiness we wish to experience.

We may be guided to spend more time outdoors: breathing in fresh air, connecting to the earth and feeling the sun on our skin. This may lead to reprioritizing things in our life a bit as we return to nature and realize the profound healing and well-being waiting for us there.

We may be guided to simply incorporate more fun, more play into our life, in general.

—It turns out, laughter really is the best medicine as it is known to be the fastest way to raise one’s vibration!

It is up to us.

We must do our part to support the intelligence behind the scenes of this miraculous body we inhabit: The intelligence that keeps us breathing without a thought, digests our food without us having to think about it and carries out billions of regenerative tasks on the cellular level every day.

The body is designed to heal itself, to bring itself to balance, always seeking homeostasis. If we are experiencing symptoms we wish to alleviate, it is up to us to engage in a cooperative relationship dynamic to understand what is needed. This is a primary intention we set when we engage in an energy healing session.

Who is the healer?

Though sometimes referred to as the healer, it is important to note that a Reiki practitioner or other energy healing facilitator is not the healer. They are there as the conduit and guide, channeling healing life force energy and helping you open up to your own inner wisdom and guidance.

Perpetuating this empowered view of one’s self is at the heart of all energy healing practiced with integrity and pure intention.

My wish and ultimate goal within the energy healing work I facilitate is for each individual to remember and connect to the powerful being they truly are.

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